​​KanDo Mobile Notary 

A Notary Public in the State of Oklahoma may notarize,

with proper identification of the signer:

Vehicle Titles (by printed owner only)

Car, Boat, Motorcycle, Trailer

Powers of Attorney, Limited or Durable, 

for Property and/or Health

Real Estate Property Leases or LoansTrusts or Estate Planning
Oil & Gas LeasesAffidavits
Insurance Releases or TransfersSwearing-in for Telephone Depositions
Minor Permissions to Travel Temporary Custody of a Minor
Divorce DocumentsApostilles

Notary Services - Find a Notary in Oklahoma when you need one.

Although I am commissioned to notarize anywhere in Oklahoma, I like to be home for dinner most nights, so I prefer to stay within the counties that touch Tulsa County. Those generally are:

KanDo Mobile Notary's mission is to provide professional, high-quality notary services to people who can't or don't want to drive around.  My motto is "Have Seal, Kan Travel" because I travel to where you need to meet anywhere in the State of Oklahoma. My fees reflect time, distance, the number of documents, if witnesses are needed and other conditions.

Call:  918.798.8908

When you need a Notary Public in Oklahoma, I'll be happy to quote you my fee.  

I usually need at least two (2) hours notice, but depending on the day, may be available sooner.  Call 918-798-8908.

  • Creek,
  • Wagoner,
  • Rogers,
  • Washington
  • Osage,
  • Okmulgee, 
  • Muskogee, and
  • Pawnee.
  • Nowata,
  • Craig, 
  • Mayes
  • Cherokee
  • Sequoyah
  • McIntosh, 
  • Okfuske,
  • Delaware, or
  • Ottawa.

My Territory is "Green Country"

To find a notary elsewhere, the remainder of my traveling notary area is "Green Country" -- for the most part an area from I-35 on the West to I-40 to the South to the State borders, including portions of:

I routinely get calls which start out, "How much do you charge?"  I used to respond, "How long is a piece of string?"  That's because there are several factors involved in the act of notarizing a document.  It's not just stamping a piece of paper, although many people think so. And the act of notarization does not make a document legal or more correct.

Consider this. Your loved one is in the hospital, facing surgery, and they've asked you to get a Power of Attorney so you can take care of financial or healthcare matters while they are unable to.  Any Power of Attorney is only valid until the death of the Principal, and that Principal (your loved one) must be able to understand what is in the document, what that document allows you to do, and be able to sign or mark that they understand it all. This must be determined by the Notary Public, and witnessed by two people who are not related to either the person giving or receiving the Power.

The Notary Public will travel, park, locate where in the facility you are, and wait until all the people, including the witnesses, are present.  The Notary should be able to communicate with the signer, identify the signer by appropriate ID (driver license, Passport or Tribal ID), identify the witnesses by the same method, and in some cases the person receiving the power. Then, although it's not required in Oklahoma, I fill out a journal of the who, what and where of the signing. And all that is done before the Principal picks up a pen to sign the document.

Given all that is involved for this one event, how much time has been spent? Time is Money! 

How long IS a piece of string?

My Fees

The State of Oklahoma allows Notaries Public to charge $5 per signature.  There is no law dictating how much can be charged for convenience fees to travel and spend time to complete the process. I have a base fee that helps me cover my costs to advertise, fees to keep my commission, pay for insurance and my time away from my other businesses.  I believe it's fair for the services I provide.  And if I'm not available, I can recommend other mobile notaries who may be able to assist you.